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Illustrator, XD, WebFlow
Date Completed: 12/08/2021

The challenge

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To create advertising for a client's dream event, it could be fictional or real. Have the poster lead to the website where they can purchase tickets for this event. The site must be built in Webflow and look like a poster.

The Approach

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My research began with exploring the FIFA principles to discover what makes FIFA stand out. I learned that they are spirited, powerful, professional, patriotic, and heroic.

While researching FIFA I noticed that they have a focus on sustainability, and their past posters all have representation for their host city so I began to focus my research on the Nation of Qatar.

When I first started researching Qatar I was only seeing a lot of stereotypes, which is unfortunate. I was given the idea to instead research Qatar’s national symbols.

It turned out to be the oryx, Qatar maroon, and their national language, Arabic, which influenced my design. I also used their national stadium as a huge influence, with its interesting shape and rib-like structure because an integral part of my overall design.

What I did

n. wuht I did

Using illustrator I made a silhouette of an oryx creating a texture that looks like the ribs of the Hamad bin Khalifa stadium’s roof. There were several ways that I tried to make the effect, including 3D tools such as blender. But ultimately, I liked the lithographic effect using illustrator, even with the hours it took hand editing every single line.

The ball between the horns was created with the same treatment and made to look like the ball was going through the horns to make a goal. Every FIFA poster has a representation of a football in some context. I wanted the one on my poster to represent the moon and the Arabian nights.

The font was tricky, there was so little text that what was there needed to make a statement. After being offered the design direction of calligraffiti I came across a font that looked like an Eastern script language. Turning 2022 upside-down had the two lines of text fitting together beautifully.The background has the imagery of the actual ribs of the stadium turned into a pattern. I didn’t want the background to distract from the contents of the poster, but after printing it the background pattern could have increased in contrast.

Once I started making the site I also wanted to design an image of their national stadium in the same style as the oryx. I had help from my partner to create an Arabic phrase that I would use in the background of the site.

Thank you!

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