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Date Completed: 12/30/2021

The challenge

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Design a poster for a film or TV show. Create a matching web banner, 3840 × 1080px, for streaming services such as Disney+. Make the same poster fit two different sizes, 20”x30” and 11”x17”.

The Approach

n. uh·prowch

At the time of making the poster, November 2020, the show had not yet aired. Without knowing the plot or story I focused on what I knew, that Loki was going to start from the scene in Endgame when Loki escapes with the Tesseract. This influenced my design to be in shades of blue. After watching the show, the other colour scheme I could have chosen would have been green and brown.

I also wanted to focus on the Norse mythology aspect. I researched countless movie posters, including all the Marvel ones.

What I did

n. wuht I did

After researching countless movie posters I thoughtfully laid out the credits at the top and bottom of the page, as commonly seen. Loki’s helmet is such an iconic symbol that I started with someone else’s design but made it my own by creating lighting effects. I made the edges rough using a drawing tablet and created several layers of shadow effect to make the design look like it was glowing.

The text was created in Photoshop using a gold-plated technique.

The background was a photo of a solar system, since the tesseract represents space, I altered the colour, used an image trace and edited the image until it fit in with the rest of the poster.

Thank you!

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