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Infographics, Illustration
Date Completed: 02/02/2021

The challenge

n. cha·luhnj

To collect statistics on a topic of choice. Create an infographic that displays all the data and information uniquely and playfully. Part of the challenge was having to use the illustrator graph tool-which, which in turn, made it simple to customize.

The Approach

n. uh·prowch

With this topic, I chose to have many different categories rich in statistics. I decided to focus on two key topics. Comparing consoles and comparing game genres. As a bonus, I wanted to touch on female gamers. And lastly revenue and world gamer numbers for some flare.

What I did

n. wuht I did

Since I was designing the graphics in illustrator it made sense to design the rest of it in illustrator as well. I wanted it to look like someone was playing video games with the stats, so I created a retro-looking TV, and chose some retro colours, turning the nobs of the TV into stats.

To keep the design looking modern I wanted to use  AUX and USB cables to represent the lines of a bar graph. Lastly, I organized the sources I used at the bottom in a non-distracting but legible style.

Thank you!

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